Hello new day with Fotosolution teams through collection of 10 architectural projects that will blow your mind with their design which is a collection specifically for those who are interested in architecture projects. This collection is a bit more dedicated to architect students and other people who love architecture and are planing to focus their life creating architectural projects and renders. Surely, you have admired the beauty and the modernity of architectural work on TV or on the press,…Although all of them are fictional, but they are big goals that the architects and talented scientists is striving to achieve. Maybe you will not believe, but here are 10 construction projects being made or in the process of developing ideas. They featured in this collection have been made by some of the most famous architects in the world, which can be seen from the design, which means that the projects we have featured in our collection can serve you as a great piece of inspiration for some of your future projects or education.

We believe that this collection takes you on a worldwide tour of some of the most extraordinary structures, including the world’s first “invisible” tower, and a vertical city in the sky. Let’s discover and enjoy 10 architectural projects that will help you open your mind. We welcome your suggestions, comment and add some beautiful pictures in this post below.

Underwater Aequorea by Vincent Callebautfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-02

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has developed plans for a city of futuristic ocean buildings made from 3D-printed plastic waste which extend 1,000 metres below the water’s surface. It is named underwater Aequorea. The Aequorea oceanscrapers describe like a skyscraper, but housed beneath the ocean — would reach the surface and would be self-sufficient. Aequorea is a fictional water city off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. It draws its name from a type of bioluminescent jellyfish called aequorea victoria.fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-01

The oceanscrapers would reach depths of up to 1,000 meters, spanning 250 floors. The special point of underwater aequorea is that  oceanscrapers would not interfere with natural water movements thanks to their design, and their strange jellyfish-like geometry is meant to help with high currents, storms, earthquakes and other natural water movements.

Kuwat City Urban Development 2030fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-05

Kuwait City is big strategically in architectural project in 2030. It is located at the northern peak of the Metropolitan Area overlooking Kuwait Bay, surrounded by the sea to the north east and the 1st Ring Road to the south west. It covers an area of 1,200 hectares and is well connected to the rest of Kuwait through a series of arterial roads that transverse the 1st Ring Road.

fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-04

The plan has been put in place to utilise renewable energy resources as a main resource for the generation of electricity and desalination of water in the State of Kuwait. With use and build Kuwait city, it will help people identify the demand for electricity and water, diversify resources for production, update policies and systems and create convenient conditions for the installation of renewable energy technologies.fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-03

Green Pyramids of Egyptfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-06

The Giza Pyramids or the green pyramids of Egypts are considered to be some of the oldest green structures in the world. It will be a new wind for architectural project in future. We can confirm the success of this pyramids because many reason such as: sustainable structural system, green construction and use of natural green materials, natural ventilation system, natural lighting systems, durability with minimum maintenance.

Clound Capture by South Koreanfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-07

Cloud Capture is a proposal developed by South Korean architects Taehan Kim, Seoung Ji Lee and Yujin Ha for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, an annual award recognising innovative ideas for tall buildings. It is considered as enormal architectural project of South Korean in future with modern feature. The plan is buid to combat the increasing threat from droughts and floods occurring as a consequence of climate change by balancing out the distribution of moisture across the planet.

Ecorium of South Koreafotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-08

Ecorium is one of the first project in Asia that was completed by Grimshaw. It is an innovative environmental visitor attraction at the National Ecology Center in Seocheon, South Korea. The project concept is inspired by the form of an oxbow lake, an aquatic body created by the evolving erosion of a meandering river. Visitors travel through five biomes, seeing, hearing, smelling and touching flora and fauna from the tropical rainforest, cloud forest, dry tropics, cool temperate and Antarctic regions.

Dragonfly of New york by Vincent Callebautfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-09

Modeled after the wings of a dragonfly, this incredible urban farm concept for New York City’s Roosevelt Island. It is one of wonderful ideas for architectural project in the world. It suggests building a prototype of an urban farm offering a mixed programme of housing, offices and laboratories using ecological engineering, and farming spaces, which are vertically laid out in several floors and partly cultivated by its own inhabitants. Using Dragonfly of New York is in favour of the reuse of biodegradable waste and the keeping energy and renewable resources for planning of an ecosystemic densification.

Dawang Mountain Resortfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-10

Near the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, the extensive development will be built into a disused cement-mining quarry pit and lake and at its core will feature an as-yet-unnamed, 270-suite five-star hotel. Its 60 executive suites and six-room presidential suite will all feature impressive views of Tongxi Lake, Dawang Mountain and surrounding attractions. The project has been designed by Austrian architectural firm Coophimbelb.

Skyscraper on Mars
fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-11

It is one of the newest project in future. With this building, we can self moving on the surface of Mars. In addition, we can collect essential factors on the surface of Mars, we can create the greenhouse effect, this made the temperature in Mars increase.

Underwater Hotelfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-12

The field of entertainment knows no boundaries: a group of architects from ’103 International’ developed an underwater resort project. Its surface is impressive with enormal number 80000 m2. The hotel is built so every window overlooks the depths of the sea. The same goes for the restaurant and the entertainment complex. For those who like more traditional ways of relaxation, there’s a part of the hotel that’s situated over the water.

Cities in the Skyfotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-13

A project called ’City in the Sky”, is one of amazing architectural project made by Tsvetan Toshkov, an architect from the UK. It’s a set of lotus-shaped complexes overlooking the city. There will be parks and recreation areas on the top of these futuristic “lotus flowers” where the inhabitants of megapolises would be able to get away from the fuss, noise, and dirt of the city.

fotosolution-10-Architectural-Projects That Will-Arouse-Your-Mind-In-Future-14