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2509, 2019

When should you sell your homes in year ?

Almost of people always wonder that when should they sell their homes or when they shouldn't or what is the best time of year to sell a house?. Some think that the spring is best time to sell but other choose the summer,..because the spring and the summer seem to be peak seasons for both buyers and sellers.  it's too hard to decide which time of year to list your home. Because, the best time to list your home depends

1809, 2019

15 Modern Living Room Design Photos

A living room is one of the most wonderful and  lived in-space in each family. It can serve many different functions, from a formal sitting area to a casual living space depend on the style decor and layout. If your family have big space, you can create the family room including: formal sitting area or parlor used for reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. Besides, you can decorate the modern furniture with natural space by using natural materials such as timber,

1109, 2019

Top Modern House Design 2019

Are you planning to build a new house or change your house design?. Let's look at the trend of modern house design 2009 invited to you with Fotosolution team. These trends below will help you to choose the best modern style for your new house. Let's find out the best suitable trends depend on your style, your personality and build the beautiful & modern house that is elegant, attractive and wonderful. Artisanal Fixtures If you are modern person who love

2708, 2019

How to Choose The Home Design Style Based on Your Horoscope?

Your home is the best wonderful place where you can come back anytime - when you feel happy, feel worry or so sad. Also, the important thing you need to do in your life is that choose the best design style for your home. There are many factors that help you make a decision for your style home and today, we would like to show you how to choose the home design style based on your horoscope. As far as

2602, 2019

Experience Foto’s real estate editing services with Us-Uk Summit 2019

Let's have an amazing experience with Foto's real estate editing services especially on occasion : Trump - Kim Summit 2019 in Ha Noi.  As we know, Viet Nam - Fotosolution team's country is proud of host country where take place in the second Summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In facr, it is organised on 27-28/2/2019. We are not only proud to introduce our nice country but also show our professional service with

1610, 2018

How real estate photography retouching approach to photographer and real estate agents?

If you are real estate photographer, your daily mission is that go outside and take many real estate photography with full schedule as well as basic on the request of your customers. And some properties may be not ready for shooting or you will plan to shoot and wait when home is completed. This will make your work more difficult and waste lots of times. In additional, selling a vacant home is usually more difficult than a fully furnished one.