How to create A Mirror Image Effect

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Learn how to easily create a mirror image effect with Photoshop, turning one side of the image into a mirror reflection of the other!. Photoshop is one of useful tools to support image editing for photographer, designer and web company. It provides users with an easy-to-use, creative platform for adding effects and re-touching images. And

How to make best selections tool in Photoshop

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Let’s express your ability – simple cut-outs and masking task in Photoshop through three basic techniques below. As far as we know, basic cut-outs and masking task are your essential ability for designers. And you can everything more esier with three techniques what we share. In this post, I'll run through three basic techniques for

Tips to Improve Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is one of the most amazing topic that many readers are interested in. If you are new photographer, learning how to professionally capture portrait photography is one of the most important skills you can develop. Do you know how to improve portrait photography?. Here are a few of Tips to capture best portrait photography. Lighting

10 Best Photoshop Resouces

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Are you interested in Photoshop resources?. Do you want to improve Photoshop as well as your image editing skill?. As far as we know, Photo editing software Photoshop is great part of choice for many designer and artists. Photoshop can be used for almost every little task that involves graphic design and your web design company,

How to use Patch Tool in Photoshop

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If you are photographer, designer who always use Photoshop technique to create best photos, certainly, you don’t feel of unfamiliarity with Patch tool. Patch tool is one of the best tools Photoshop has to offer. It is popular and nice tool, so, why should you use and choose Patch tool in Photoshop. This tool is

How to remove background with Adobe Photoshop Tools and Techniques

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Remove the background from an image can be a really complex task but it is effective way to boots your sales. Did you know that a photography or a picture would be so much more attractive, look sharper on your website if one could simply remove the unwanted  background from the image. Using background removal

How to Color Correction Product Photography in Adobe Lightroom

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As far as we know, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a gold key for your product photography. It has some quick and powerful tools for color correcting your images. Have you ever used Adobe Lightroom tool for color correction product photography?. Below are some tips to help you change colore correction product image in Adobe Lightroom.

Product Photography Tips: Jewelry photography tips

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When it comes to jewelry photos, details are main key that you are interested in. Beautiful, high quality photos to showcase these details are essential for a professional, consistent and reputable site. Accurate information of your product is key, because customers need to be able to understand as much about your product as they possibly

Top 5 Best Free Apps For Product Photography

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Product photography is very important to convince customer’s choice before buying your product. There are many product photography tips to increase the effect of your services as well as your product. Keep in mind that you use not only digital cameras but also smartphones especially in advanced technology era. Today, with the help of growing

What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

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Have you ever heard about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?. As far as we know, product photography begins under the cameras but it only finished after post – processing step. And Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a gold key for your product photography. Adobe Lightroom is the DIY or budget-conscious product photographer’s best friend. It can be used