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The speech of Internet technology’s development is more and more super fast including real estate photos editing services. Also, it plays an important role in human’s life, evidentially, online services are covering 70%. This trend has becomed an indispensable part and many enterprise as well as many fields consider as the powerful right arm. So are Real Estate areas or property enterprise. All customers are easy to access and look for beautiful house what they need.

Our guests are interested in through real estate website, real estate photos instead of coming directly. It’s great ideas and save your time. As a result, drawing lovely and high – quality real estate photos is mainly golden key to grap the customer’s attention in the first time. However, don’t forget that behind the success of best photographers or images is post-processing . That’s reason why Fotosolution is here support real estate photographers in the post production.

Fotosolution – Oursourced Real Estate Photo Editing Company

Being one of best oursourced Real Estate photo editing company in Hanoi, VietNam, Fotosolution are proud of best services with experienced real estate editing experts. We had more 9 years experience in complete online-marketing solutions for real estate agencies, photo post-processing.

We are focusing on HDR image editing, Retouching, Virtual Stagging, Floor Plan, Virtual Dusk … From simple to complex requirements, we can delivery in faster turnaround time, lower cost with automation delivery and transparency workflows.We understand the difficulty of customers such as: busy shooting schedules, deadlines, the problem of weather,.. that professional photographers might feel overwhelmed and stressful. And we appear here to help you address to all problems as well as meet your all requests.

Fotosolution provides the perfect services with items

Image Editing Services – premium photo editing services offers best quality services : background removal, photo retouching, Shadow & reflection, Invisible mannequin, Colour Corrections, Clipping Path…

+ Background removal: Background removal is one of most used image editing service. To remove backgrounds, we use clipping paths, masking, or a combination of both. Clipping paths usually offer better results and more options for post-processing, but they are very labor-intensive. Our team can use ‘pixel-based’ methods to remove backgrounds.


+  Photo retouching: We will remove unexpected object like lint, stains, threads, pins, scratches, creases, folds, dust, frayed edges. Above tasks will help you images look flawless.

+ Shadow and reflection: We use shadow what are created from light and it direction through out an object. With shadow your products or object look more natural and attractive. Reflections are same with your mirrored photo and of course it is an option which you can use when create a specification for your photos.

+ Invisible mannequin: Invisible mannequin technique is used to make it look like an invisible model was wearing a garment during a photo shoot. The garment looks naturally filled, and the inside of it is also visible.

Real Estate Editing Services:

Fotosolution are focusing on HDR image editing, Retouching, Virtual Stagging, Floor Plan, Virtual Dusk …

+ Retouching: Retouching can understand as polishing a photograph. Our team will help you enhance brightness, sharpness or color of image by removing superfluous details, adding the details into the photos,..


+ Rendering: 3D rendering and architectural visualization software enable architects and designers to evaluate proportions and scales using intuitive interactive 3D modelling. It also simulate the effects of lighting. Our professional team will help you create good 3D to have an amazing experience.

+ Virtual Stagging: Our team can add furniture to real estate photography to show potential buyers.

+ Floor Plan: Clearly showcase your listing to potential buyers with an online floorplan available in a range of 2D and 3D options. It helps viewers have a true look for a property or home design.

+ Virtual Dusk: Our photo retouching service will take your exterior property photo from drab to fab by adding a beautiful dusk sky. It helps to improve brightness for your room by turning on the exterior and interior lights.


Why Choose Us for Real Estate Image Editing?

Fotosolution have successfully provided real estate image editing and image post processing services to numerous real estate agencies and real estate photographers. By becoming a member of Fotosolution’s big family, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Quality: We always cater our photo retouching service to each client’s taste
  • Economy: Competitive price and discount for bulk order and for regular customers
  • Fast Turnaround: Turnaround timematter. About 24 hours, our default delivery time is 24 hours. That’s why we deliver 99.8% of all order on time.
  • High Volume Capacity: Our team dispose more 5000 images per day.
  • Privacy&Security: Your photos will not be published to any third party without your permission.
  • Service 24/7: We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.

Fotosolution would love to work with you together and hope to bring more value to you production. Finally, if you need  any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Address: 39, 322/22 alley, Nhan My street, Tu Liem district

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