In real estate marketing, you are successful businessers if you can find a marketing strategy that works well for everyone including agent, seller and buyer. Most traditional visual marketing methods bring different pieces of value to each audience. In the past marketing, 2D photos have been the industry standard as well as useful tool they bring definitive value to agents, buyers, and sellers. In other words, it is considered as a good choice. Beautiful images of a home can grab interest of potential home buyers. They can also impress a home seller who wants to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, which can win an agent a listing.

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As digital image editing technology continues to advance – in terms of both DSLR cameras and those on your smartphone – hi-res real estate photography and real estate editors will continue to be a critical part of any real estate marketing campaign. But technological innovation never stops. Nowaday, 3D virtual tours is considered as the best investment with big amount of profit.

For the buyer:  More than half of home buyers start their search online. More and more of those individuals are looking for a home through real estate site online instead of go directly. Increasingly, home buyers want to get a real sense of how a home really looks instead of bare home or bare spaces. Researchers show that the two things what modern home buyers say they want most from a listing are large, high-quality photos AND 3D virtual home tours.

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For real estate agents and sellers: In a recent survey of real estate agents, 80% say that their clients would prefer to spend less time staging their home. Almost as many home seller say that a beautiful edited house with 3D virtual tours will help them drive interest more of customers. In additional, they spot an important feature of the home they missed during the session.

In fact, beautiful and high-quality pictures are a basic requirement for any real estate marketing package. However, 3D virtual tours can be a huge differentiator which can set an agent apart from their competition. Moreover, they are proven to generate more leads and more qualified leads.

Using 3D virtual tours, home sellers as well as agents offer ‘location intelligence’ and a visceral sense of a property that increases the interest of home buyers. And unlike an open house or home visit, with a 3D virtual home tour, the prospect can take their time to delve into any feature that would make a house or apartment feel like a home.

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For agents and sellers, the experience factor is important for winning listings and building a successful business in a highly competitive marketplace. And 3D virtual tours is a way to show more details of a house quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

With 3D and VR photography solutions, you get all the benefits of incredible photos and the power to immerse home buyers in the experience of a property so they can create a big profit with a quote ” kill two birds with one stone”.