Do you ever feel like human attention spans are getting shorter?. A study is supposed that the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. Also let’s make all best thing to create great impression with your clients who are interested in your home. That’s a reason why ” Be Careful! 5 real estate marketing to avoid ” is appeared here.

As far as we know, poor marketing strategy is considered to be one of the main reasons that homes don’t sell, which means you should examine your agent’s real estate marketing plan in advance.

If you don’t have too time to find anyone to solve all issues, “5 real estate marketing mistakes to avoid” will help you easier to improve your sales.

1. Forgetting about decluttering and staging

Before you begin a marketing strategy for your house, you need to prepare its best face. You want anyone who seeks and take care of it in real estate images or in person to feel at home and to do that, you’ll need to deep clean, declutter, and schedule a home staging.

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2.  DIY listing photos

One of the first rules of successfully marketing your home is to hire a real estate photographer or professional real estate image editing services. They will help you prepare best face for your home. A beautiful listing photos will a first thing to attend your clients, they will clicks and check them from the first eyes if you know how to use.

Let’s refer and find out best real estate image editing services. They will help you save lots of time and save the money.

Source: How do you choose the best real estate photos editing company?

3. Unpersuasive listing descriptions filled with errors

After you capture a potential buyer’s attention with professional photos, the short listing description is where you can tell your home’s story. Let’s remember that it’s just short story ( about 50 to 100 words) because if you write and describe too long, it’s maybe a disadvantage for your product. Next,  this description needs to be concise while highlighting your home’s best features. A few important things are to be sure that this text is free of grammatical errors and misspellings.

4. Not using social media

The average person spends almost of time per a day on social media and if you don’t use this to your advantage is a huge mistake when selling your home. Your agent or their real estate group, should have social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, where they can post about your home.

As a seller, you can share that your home is for sale on your own social media accounts. The easiest and most efficient way and not waste any fees to promote your home is with a dedicated landing page.

5. Overpricing your home

As part of the listing process, an appraiser will visit your home and estimate its value. You can get an approximation of what your home’s value is with HomeLight’s online home value estimator tool but the appraiser will give you the most accurate estimation.

Your agent will use all of this information and an evaluation of the market when recommending a list price. The price your agent suggests might be lower than you had hoped for. Don’t fall into the trap of overpricing — that approach may lose you money in the long run, making it more difficult to market and sell your home.

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