Paint Colour is one of important factors to highlight and make the success of beautiful home. A stunning design, advanced materials, luxury furniture can be make nice home but harmony colour will transform it more perfect. If you are looking for best paint colour for home of 2018 are the style guide you’ve been waiting for.

Black of Luxury Place

Black colour is always a great choice for luxury home place. Everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens are being outfitted with this hue. This colour is sedentary mixed to luxury that make your home place luxurious and a little bit mysterious.


Warm beige color

If you prefer a quiet approach, let’s try on this deep berry hue. It’s best way for adding depth to a various design. The beauty of this color trend is its versatility—bolder style sensibilities can mix a bright red or bright blue with which to make a striking style statement while more subdued styles will benefit from a softer raspberry hue to add increased warmth to their aesthetic.


Indulge in rich gem-like shades

Indulging in bold, rich tones for your home will be popular in confidence and energy life now. You can mix rich tones or bright colour with burnished metals for an edgy luxe glamour. We will suggest some metals for great connection such as: sapphire, emerald, ruby and more.

Nature colour

Living in busy and noisy life make our human tired and stress. Therefore, choosing nature colour will bring the calmness and the freshness after escaping the chaotic world. You can choice the grounded tones, soothing textural finishes and earthy greens.


Deep golds, rusty browns and soothing terracotta, are layered up with texture, timber, plants and artisan products. Tactile fabrics like chunky handmade knits, woven lampshades, baskets and knobbly rugs soothe us and familiar with nature.

Citrus squeeze

Rejuvenating and invigorating, the colours of the fruit are being splashed around your homes. These colours have a zesty appeal that can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the bedrooms especially approriate to the kid’s bedroom.

Bright and Bold Blue


Everything from rich sapphire to cobalt to vibrant Parisian blue are boldly enhancing spaces of all kinds. Whether you choose to incorporate a lot or a little, you can bet your space will be better for it.

Nostalgia colour


It gives way to fresh, energetic hues and eye-catching silhouettes. It will make you have quite life such as living in a classic farmhouse like film drama.

Here are some paint colour trend for 2019 you can choice one of them to renew your home. If you are also interested in this subject like us, let’s share your experience as well as express your opinion by following our blog.