Commerce Real Estate Video Ideas

Commercial Real Estate video has become the best way to show beautiful house as well as professional real estate image editing. Once video and social media have become an important part in property area, it is a great time to match up your commercial real estate video marketing plan. Below are ideas that will improve your commercial real estate video to grap your customer’s attention. This will help you have many potential in competition market. Today you can use the power of professional video production to make a difference in your marketing.

Below we will provide some ideas on how to make successful real estate video that can attend more buyers as well as improve your sales.

To make real estate video is not too difficult but to make real estate video go viral need to be important factors. Therefore, which factors can you find to build real estate video go viral?.



It is the best way to help you build the difference with many competitors in real estate market. It is respected in just about every social circle and can do a fantastic job at getting viewers more interested in you. You need to invest nice image, interesting content to renew your real estate video than regular video.


The time of real estate video is one of important factors to keep your customer’s attention. For example, if you are viewer, do you have enough time to watch video with the length that is about 20 minites or more. It’s so bored. If you go through some of the most viral videos on YouTube you will notice that most of them are less than 5 minutes long. In fact, building a interesting and easy to digest real estate video that have approriate length, will help you create video go viral.


One of the simplest ways to get a video to go viral is to make it funny. The tricky part though is figuring out what funny is to your target audience. Let’s make your viewer confortable and feel friendly with your video.



A real estate video go viral need to catch up new trend that appropriate to market’s trend. It’s is golden key that help you attract users in the best way.

Secondly, we will give you some real estate video ideas to support your ideas.

  • Produce a professional looking short movie of a luxury property
  • Record a prank that shows your company’s light side, but also displays its knowledge of a property or an area
  • Use an animated video to explain the history of a property or area
  • Start a web video series about your job ( for example: real estate image editing skill, video guide)
  • Make short video to introduce your successful real estate image as well as your professional team.

After buidling real estate video ideas, you need to:

  • Craft your video around your target audience by using the proper language, content and humor
  • Upload your video to a social platform like YouTube or Vimeo so you, and your viewers, can easily share and interact with it
  • Creat it a descriptive including short and easy to memory title
  • Insert your company branding and logos to introduce to the viewers
  • Don’t use annoying annotations, ads or captions
  • Optimize it for increased organic search value to drive even more traffic to it
  • Interactive with some social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn to increase the interest of viewers.

If you are interested in real estate video ideas as well as have other real estate video ideas, let’s share ideas through comment below and make sure to follow our blog.


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