Let’s have an amazing experience with Foto’s real estate editing services especially on occasion : Trump – Kim Summit 2019 in Ha Noi.  As we know, Viet Nam – Fotosolution team’s country is proud of host country where take place in the second Summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In facr, it is organised on 27-28/2/2019. We are not only proud to introduce our nice country but also show our professional service with international partner.

Fotosolution – Oursourced Real Estate Photo Editing Company

Fotosolution is an outsourcing company located in Ha Noi – nice city that organize the 2nd Us – Uk Summit. Also, our team are proud of best services with experienced real estate editing experts. In addition, we greatly appreciate our partners and ready to serve and satisfy all client’s taste.

Specifically, We are focusing on HDR image editing, Retouching, Virtual Stagging, Floor Plan, Virtual Dusk. From simple to complex requirements, we can delivery in faster turnaround time, lower cost with automation delivery and transparency workflows. Therefore, we understand the difficulty of customers such as: busy shooting schedules, deadlines, the problem of weather,..  After that, we appear here to help you address to all problems as well as meet your all requests.

What’s Real Estate Editing Services Can We Do?

Fotosolution are focusing on HDR image editing, Retouching, Virtual Stagging, Floor Plan, Virtual Dusk … As a result, here are these what we can do for you:

+ HDR editing:

It is high dynamic range image that is great tool to create and improve the quality of photos. Let’s come into our HDR service delivers high quality images that look beautiful and natural. As a result, using HDR editing, you will have a chance to experience many small services including:

  • Sky replacement: Would you like to change the background of sky to make your photos more attractive?. Because a photo with dull sky will make it lifeless. Let’s create brighter and clearer looking skies in a natural blue color with our sky replacement services.
  • Adding fire: Your picture will become more lively and authentic by adding fire to photos. Let’s us help you process it best.
  • Background removal: Too excessive details happens in your photos, it directly affects to the quality of image. We will help you remove them and make your photos more flawless.
  • Green grass: We add and do green greass for your photos and it look more natural and attractive
  • White balancing: Removing yellowed, black or off-white discolouration will turn into the quality of image. Also, using white balacing allows you to create a bright, crisp image.
  • Brightness&contrast adjustment: A bright photo with the correct contrast is nice to look at and an advantage to hold customer’s attention. Let’s focus on adjusting these elements will make the photo have depth and more engaging with viewer.
  • Flash reflection removal: Sometimes the use of a flash is an advantage to light up a dark room, but the flash is also a disadvantage to create reflection in your photos and make photos worse. Let’s remove flash reflection to create a more professional looking photo.

+ Virtual Stagging:

Would you like to change your furniture in your family?. You have a great ideas for them and what should you do for next steps?. Now, let’s us process this by our virtual stagging services. Our team can add furniture to real estate photography to show potential buyers.

+ Floor Plan:

It a scaled diagram of a room that allow viewers have a true look for a property or home design as how they suit to their dream home.

+ Virtual Dusk:

It is a process that changes a daylight photographs into dusk ones by using Photoshop techniques. And what do you get result? – Belive us! As a result, houses presented at dusk are nice, romantic and eye-catching more than ever.

Why Choose Us?

First, we have successfully provided real estate image editing services to numerous agencies and real estate photographers. By becoming a member of Fotosolution’s big family, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Quality: We always cater our photo retouching service to each client’s taste
  • Economy: Competitive price and discount for bulk order and for regular customers
  • Fast Turnaround: Turnaround timematter. About 24 hours, our default delivery time is 24 hours. That’s why we deliver 99.8% of all order on time.
  • High Volume Capacity: Our team dispose more 5000 images per day.
  • Privacy&Security: Your photos will not be published to any third party without your permission.
  • Service 24/7: We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.

Truely, Fotosolution would love to work with you together and hope to bring more value to you production. Finally, if you need  any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Similarly, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Email: sales@fotosolution.com

Address: 39, 322/22 alley, Nhan My street, Tu Liem district