Real estate market is more and more vivid and developed. That’s a reason why list of property photo editing company are becoming more dense. It’s difficult to choose real estate editing company that is the best one. Because it’s simple that all of those companies have unique advantages as well as interesting deals. Our mission are that consider and re-check those companies to look for best real estate photos editing company. In this article, we will provide some suggestions that help you make the perfect final decision.


Rich experience is one of the first important factors you should consider before choosing best real estate editing company. Why do you choose rich experienced company instead of young company?. The fact that the more experience the company has, the more professional the image are edited. Moreover,  check again how many experiences the property company own will contribute to confirm their skill and reliablity.

Turnaround time

Fast or slow speed  are also necessary factors to decide the success of real estate company. Just slow one minutes, this means that you give up perfect your opportunity. The shorter turnaround time is, the faster your work goes. Different companies have a different turnaround time for the certain volume of photos. You also pay attention this before making final decision. The turnaround time of a company is considered as a clue to prove their skill.

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Talking about price – it is considered as a key point for your choice. In many years when I have opportunity to discuss my customers, price is always main and first questions that they are interested. Each companies classify their pricing depending on the services that they offer. In other words, each companies have private pricing depending on different factors such as: the difficult of product, the speed ( slow or fast),… Also, you need to list the price of all the chosen companies and then compare them to find the most reasonable one.

Your privacy

Your privacy, that’s right.  You always request  that  your image product will have to ensure the high security. Your full resolution photos are safely warehoused and backed up in our cloud. Therefore, a company respect your privacy, will great factor to consider.

Customer feedback

Have you asked yourself that what does the rating of real estate editing company means?. It’s simple because you feel curious about that company, about their quality. Let’s spend short time to check customer feedback as well as rating point of company. This action will help you have a clear assessment about that company. Basing on their feedbacks, you will easy to evaluate the quality of that company.

Support services

A good customer service experience is a plus point for company when we are wondering to choose best one. You can test their service by asking many questions and see how fast and enthusiastic they answer your questions. Their enthusiasm will express your role as well as your affection and how they respect you.

Here are some factors that help you have right decision to choose perfect partner. If you are also interested in this subject like us, let’s share your experience as well as express your opinion by following our blog. If you are looking for RE photos editing company, please visit Fotosolution with great experiences.

Fotosolution have successfully provided real estate image editing and image post processing services to numerous real estate agencies, advertisers, and real estate photographers. Having amazing virtual dusk photos services of Fotosolution, you can receive the following benefits:

  • You can save your time with the short turnaround time thank to the benefit of time zone ( from 12-24 hours).
  • We are available 24/7 to find a solution for your photos as quickly as possible.
  • Your photos will not be published to any third party without your permission.
  • We offer 3 photos edited for trial without any fee
  • We use the latest image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS6, CoreIDraw to give you the most attractive photos


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