2019 is vivid running, and it’s time to talk about colour trend in 2019 again. Because it’s simple that colour topic of the year is always hot issue that are interested in. It’s great chance to see what the creative teams of some of the most directional paint companies are highlighting for the upcoming year will influence the whole of interiors. This is also the best way for real estate designer to confirm the colour predictions for the seasons to come.

As far as we know that 2017 was all about tropical green, warm neutrals, and sophisticated camel accents. However, 2019 is absolutely changes – it will be this full of even edgier hues.

The great ideas will never come to us in the second time. Also, let’s check surely top colour trend in 2019 to capture the trend and the trend and psychology of customer. For example, the most unexpected colour of the year comes is tinted black, softly tinted with blues and purples – sophisticated yet daring. The colour will help us to tackles the growing presence of darks across interiors. In additional, it also express the privacy and concentration for house spaces. Importantly, it can be used just as an golden key to contribute a piece such as a door frame or a kitchen or even outdoors.

Tinted darks are definitely here to stay, and we have been tracking this direction and its evolution for quite some time both across seasonal forecasts and inspiration reports.


It’s predict that  key colours for 2019 will focus on energy and vitality. Two factors are to be harnessed in the space, as an enlivening response for our modern life. It helps to bring colour into one’s life helps maintain a positive and confident attitude.

In 2019, the red colour is always main colour that can not be missing. The power of red even just in small touches is well proven, and even when paired with natural neutrals it brings the space to life. The connection between red and  black will close the grap between dark and bright, warm and cold. It has a vibrancy and complexity that really takes on different looks according the environment it is placed within.

Next, black-and-white interiors is always great choice for house spaces, but 2019 is ready to give way to a new minimalist palette. Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will totally reimagine simple modern design in the this year. It’s is considered as new chance to create harmony for life.

Black and White Interior


Pink colour is also nomial colour that belong to color trend in 2018. It evokes so many feelings for everyone including from joy to lust, making for the perfect mood-enhancing paint color.

The expert predicts that 2018 will the year millennial pink shape-shifts into a stronger, more complex version of itself.

Pink Colour


Besides, the expert also named purple the 2018 Color of the year. Why are violet?. This rich, thoughtful shade of purple adds energy and depth to any room in your house. Whether you’re adventurous enough to commit to an all-purple color scheme, or prefer to experiment with home accessories first, this complex hue is one to watch.

Purple Color


Moreover, You’ll find shades like vibrant yellow and lime popsicle that will bring you a new joy. It make your room brighter and fresher.


Here are some predicted colour trend in 2019. If you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, let’s share this article as well as make sure to follow our blog.