Learn how to avoid Fake Smile in Your Photograph will a main subjects in our post that we want to present. As far as we know, a beautiful and natural smile is one of the most attractive expressions of the human face, and the most successful factor to make great image of photographers, we love them because this factor brighten up our pictures with warmth. So, to avoid Fake smile in your photograph is one of the important elements.

W’ve been talking so far about a genuine smile, because a smile can also be deceiving. We humans have developed the ability to fake smile when we want to pretend that we’re happy or friendly, even when we’re not… and this happens a lot in front of the camera. A genuise smile make your photograph become more natural and more vivid and create the attraction for viewer. But a fake smile is completely different.

So, what is the different between a genuise and fake smile?.

A genuise smile is a natural smile when you feel comfortable and happy and willing to express yourself while a fake smile is social smile when people are nervous or uncomfortable and being polite. In general, a fake smile will give off a low-power impression of the person in the image.

Fake Smile, Genuine Smile

You can realize easily a genuise smile through their eyes what are considered as the window of the soul. Smiling eyes are relaxed, with raised cheeks, and a nice tension appearing on the side of the eyes. They help viewers may feel the honesty of a smile. A fake smile  you will not see any action in the upper cheek and eye areas. It looks more like a grin than a smile. So, the expression of contempt is often mistaken for a smile.

The next step, how to creat a real smile in your photograph?

If you are a portrait photographer, your job is not only to make a beautiful image, but also to be inspirational people, helping your model relax into the right emotion. If your subject is uncomfortable, you’ll most certainly end up with a fake smile or worse and lose the warmth and honesty that comes from a genuine smile. So, let’s create great inspiration for your model to help them express the most honest emotion and the result is a genuise smile in product photograph.

Fake Smile, Nature Smile, Real Smile

If your model do not have the emotions for your product, what should you do?. We will give some basic suggestions for photographer.

You can get your subject to genuinely smile is to help them connect with a real feeling of happiness. Asking them to think of something, or someone, they love allows them to connect with a genuine feeling of happiness or tell them a funny story, or a joke, and that can work really well. Let’s try to create any scene to build true feelings.

Attention: the point of view about genuise smile between women and men is completely different. It is the important factor you should know. Women are attracted more to photos of men smiling, but men prefer more serious photos of other men. You can determine this view to choose suitable subjects as well as types of customer who your product photos mentioned.

Today, we present you some basic way to avoid fake smile in your photograph as well as how to create a genuise smile. We hope that you are satisfy with this lesson. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and comment below this post.

Thank for watching!.