Review your order

After completing above step, our system will calculate total cost and expected delivery time for your order. Then you can review your order on summarized screen.

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  • In this step, you can add comments for your order, we will pay our attention on that while processing your orders.
  • In addition, you can add more images for order by clicking on “Add images”, after images are added, your order total will be re-calculated.


Payment methods

fotosolution_pay now

After reviewing, you can make payment to complete your order. At this time, we accept PayPal as default payment method. You can use credit card ( Visa, Master, Amex ) via PayPal or pay with your PayPal account.

Note: New FTPReady FTPZip FTP: These items contain image link in FTP server. Let’s copy this link in FilleZella to download.

When we received your payment, our system will send an email to your registered email address and your order on our system will be marked as “New”. Our staff will start your order shortly.

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