2018 – a new year is coming. Are you ready to welcome the new year with amazing things?. If you are real estate agency or home designer, what have you been expecting?. Are you curious about what is the popular trend in home décor trends for 2018?. Do not be impatient!. This article below will provide Top 10 home decor trends in 2018 for readers.

Wall Art

Wall art is one the best choice for Home decor trends in 2018 because of their versatility. You can decorate your house with the art of framed photos, this will help your home have hits point as well as increase the depth of home’s space.


White Kitchen

White color is considered as  “queen color” for all trend and home decor trend, too. It make your home become luxury and more prominent. White kitchen in particular will continue to brighten up in the new year, swapping stark white for warm wood tones and new neutrals including cream, blue, and gray. This make your kitchen more stunning.



What’s more cheerful and welcome to guests than a vibrantly painted front door?. With the earth tones like brown staying prominent, brilliant red will tranform your home more warm.


Small, Colorful Accents

This is going to be in the form of a bright color that stands out from the rest of the décor and will play an especially important role in homes that feature earthy tones. It could be something as simple as a bright throw carpet in the form of a bright caramel.



Designers are saying geometric shapes will play an important role in 2018 design, but they don’t have to be sharp geometric features. Circles, triangle are getting a lot of attention early for 2018 looks, especially on walls and furniture pillows. In additional, one of the greatest features of geometrics is their versatility in being incorporated into home design – from the smallest details to the largest eye-catching components of a space.


Natural Wood

Natural wood furniture has always been popular but natural wood surfaces are emerging as well, especially the live edge look. In 2018 you can use “natural wood” to highlight kitchen and bedroom space.



Designer is saying patterns on patterns is going to be big in 2018. Let’s take advantage of patterns to renew your home.


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